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Project: Access to English language education
Partner: Mehm Kan Kyi Education Network
Sponsorship Started: 2011
Total Beneficiaries: 400 - 500
Project Cycle: 2011
Total Budget: €0 (free advice)  ($0)

Proficiency in English greatly benefits students when applying to tertiary educational institutions or for better job opportunities. Since 2011 five learning centres have opened in Burma and we have provided advice as needed.

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Project: Microcredits for women's group
Partner: Culture for micro Credit
Location: Taunggyi ,
Sponsorship Started: 2012
Total Beneficiaries: 120
Project Cycle: November 2012
Total Budget: €800  ($997)

Women in Burma have limited access to the labour market and employment opportunities are often restricted to low-skilled jobs with marginal wages. An opportunity to help groups of women with microfinancing empowers them to set up small businesses of their own.

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Project: New building for Kone Myint Thar Yor School
Partner: Lahu Women Organisation
Location: Kone Myint Thar Yor Village ,
Sponsorship Started: 2017
Total Beneficiaries: 65
Project Cycle: March 2017 – May 2017
Total Budget: €13.840  ($16.270)

The primary school of Kone Myint Thar Yor village in eastern Shan state educates 65 children from eight villages in the area. The old school building was in terrible shape. The safety of the children was in jeopardy. We built a new school building, so the 65 children can learn in a safe and stimulating environment.

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Project: Online training programmes
Partner: Foundation for Local Development
Location: Yangon ,
Sponsorship Started: 2011
Total Beneficiaries: 1.000
 students, teachers and indirect beneficiaries
Project Cycle: June 2011
Total Budget: €50.000  ($68.000)

An online Social Enterprise training course aimed to teach young people how to use the internet for study purposes, encourage them to think critically, develop their sense of social responsibility and convert all that into practical activities which benefit their communities.

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Project: Renovating Guwa School
Partner: Arakanese Youth Network Society
Location: Guwa ,
Sponsorship Started: 2012
Total Beneficiaries: 180
Project Cycle: June 2012
Total Budget: €1.500  ($1.870)

Arakanese Youth Network Society (AYNS) is committed to improving the education offered to children in Guwa, a poor fishing village on the Bay of Bengal. A priority in implementing their extensive plans is the renovation of a rundown school building.

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