(DUTCH) Supporting development and self-sufficiency in poor communities of Southeast Asia

Our Projects

Projects form the essence of Philanthropy Connections. Our team is dedicated to bringing expertise, funding and hope to people living in poverty in our target area. Since 2011 we have supported over 70 projects benefiting more than 20.000 people.

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Currently we are involved in 27 active projects in Thailand, Cambodia and Burma and constantly investigate new ones. These are not big, well-known initiatives that can rely on a well-established network of international aid organisations. We actively search for projects that normally would remain invisible to potential donors. This is a barrier we help them to overcome.

The scope of our projects ranges from education to housing, health care, child care and other urgent needs. Project needs differ because not all communities face the same problems. If we would focus on only one area of aid, we would be blind to other urgent needs within a community.

Our goal is to effectively help in fields where help is really needed and to adapt our support to address the problems at hand.


Every potential project is screened during a period of thorough research and investigation to ensure it meets our criteria for project effectiveness, cost-efficiency, reliability/trustworthiness, and principles of non-discrimination and equality.


For projects that meet our criteria we will seek funding. Our strict procedures guarantee sponsors that we make their funds count and are used in the way they intended.

We remain closely in touch with all project leaders and make regular project visits. We actively stay involved in our projects and keep everyone informed through project reports, newsletters, website updates and social media.

27 active projects in 2017
Over 70 volunteers have helped PCF since inception
€159.000 spent on projects in 2017 (so far!)
Over 20.000 people reached by PCF since inception
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