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Effective Philanthropy – From a former critic By Catherine Keyl

Catherine Keyl, a well-known Dutch TV Host, was once quite disheartened with the kind of development work she had witnessed over the years, but from our very beginning, she enthusiastically supported PCF's approach and is now one of our most ardent advocates. What changed her mind? She’ll be happy to tell you in her own words, as only she can!

World Refugee Day

Did you know that more than 68 million people have been forced to flee their homes in the last year alone? This...
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Supporting girls’ education through scholarships

What would you do if your parents asked you to drop out of school to help earn money to support your family? This is the choice faced by so many... and it is why we believe it is so important to help provide scholarships to students who would otherwise have to make this choice.

Women’s Empowerment in data

There are many reasons why the humanitarian community is putting an increased emphasis on women and girls, but above all, the data is very clear - greater support for women and girls yields a greater net good for humanitarian goals and overall societal wellbeing.