Project: Aid after floods
Partner: KAKO
Location: Siem Reap ,
Sponsorship Started: 2011
Total Beneficiaries: 250
Project Cycle: November 2011
Total Budget: €3.200  ($4.338)

In 2011 heavy rains caused severe flooding in Cambodia which affected hundreds of thousands of families and many villages were in a state of emergency. We were able to help these families with emergency food and seeds for fast growing vegetables and rice.

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Project: Water, toilets, books and more
Partner: KAKO
Location: Siem Reap ,
Sponsorship Started: 2014
Total Beneficiaries: 100 - 150
 residents from three different villages
Project Cycle: February – April 2014
Total Budget: €3.000  ($4.069)

In 2014, Dutch foundation 'The Flying Nuns' donated funds to a number of KAKO projects. The donation helped fund the installation of three toilets and four wells, home renovations for a poor family and the purchase of water filters, library books and school supplies.

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