thailand emergency food relief for 5000

Emergency Food Relief For 5000 People

Migrant families in remote areas in Chiang Mai province are still facing desperate times. Renewed restrictions and reductions in employment have meant that food scarcity is a major problem.

PCF launched another emergency food relief initiative, providing 1.000 basic food packages to supplement the diets of 5.500 people for one month.

Total costs were 15.000 EUR (581.009 THB) and were covered by several sponsors – Rob Rijnders and Carla Rijnders-Matti, the British Community in Thailand Foundation for the Needy (BCTFN), Zeeshan Ahmed, Kristin, Earn and Ernest Reypens, and two anonymous sponsors.

There are still many other people in this situation, and we’re doing our best to respond to this kind of need.