Friends without Borders

Featured Project from 2018

Friends Without Borders

In 2017 the support for our stepping stones/bottom up approach grew and resulted in a few major donations. With this we did what we said we do: to look for great local initiatives targeted on giving opportunities to marginalised communities towards a future with options. On our search we came across the hardship of people living in poverty on the Thai-Myanmar border and a wonderful initiative of FWB. Their extensive programme to train and support teachers so that 623 would get an education that can help them to break the cycle of poverty and develop their own community.

Friends without Borders

Since 2004 Friends Without Borders (FWB) has been supporting teachers on many levels in order for them to continue improving the life of 623 students and 3.332 members of their communities.

FWB has been working with Karen students, teachers and adults in 8 communities on the Thai-Myanmar border; in schools in refugee camps, in displaced children schools on the Thai side and schools in conflict affected areas in Karen state, Myanmar.

They work closely with these communities providing extensive and varied forms of support. From promoting awareness and training on issues such as child protection, human trafficking and teaching techniques, to providing practical assistance such as classroom equipment, guidance on income generation, and salary subsidies to retain teachers who are often paid as little as 11 Euros a month.

The assistance they provide is wide reaching. Here are just some of the facts about their programme

  • In 2016 after a consultation with teachers concluded that the major risk to sustainability was that teacher’s income was so low, a program of teacher salary subsidies was started.
  • 2 schools toilets
  • 7 schools wall board, drinking tanks + cups + teaching equipment – maps, etc
  • 15 teachers from 8 schools receive one week learning forum on child labour training and extra teacher training
  • 2 schools have a child rights awareness project
  • School income generation project for 2 schools (16 teachers and committee) including one week learning forum – per quarter

488 students from 6 schools receive funding for essential stationery

We would like to thank Tony Mann who, in memory of his late wife Nancy, has generously supported this and many other programmes.