Why We Do What We Do – Effective impact, personal success

Effective impact, personal success

At a Netherlands-Thai Chamber of Commerce award dinner in 2017 we met the people behind Learning Compass, one of the foundations supporting scholarships. They asked us if we knew of any students that would be applicable for their funding. We reached out to one of our partners and found the wonderful Mol. You can hear her own words about the impact of this scholarship on her life and her family below.

My name is Mol. I do not have last name. I am 15 years old. I am now studying in Mattayom 2 in academic year 2017-2018. My grades from previous years include 3.89 in Mattayom 1 and 4.00 in the first semester and 3.92 in the second semester of Mattayom 2. My grades have never been lower than 3.50. I am one of the top students in classes. I live in school boarding house. The school has given me opportunities to compete in academic activities and others including competitions on “Thai Day”, drawing, and I also take part in school saving programme.

I am interested in young entrepreneurship because this project is a good foundation for vocational trainings for students to have plan B when job competition is high nowadays. My family has financial issues.

My mother is single mother, taking care of three children. My mother is 39 years old. My older brother is 18 years old. My younger brother is eight years old. My father re – married.

My mother work on construction. She is the one earning for the family. When I go back home, I am responsible for taking care of my brother, cooking, doing laundry, filling water tank. My brother is responsible on more difficult works including cutting grass, carrying water, helping mother in farms and other things to help her. We help each other to alleviate the burdens of our mother as best as we can.

I have dreamed to become teacher. My favourite subject is science. If I had a chance to study in university, I would study in science major so when I complete the course, I could become science teacher.