Sallo’s 60th Birthday

Dear friends,
It’s Sallo’s 60th birthday on the 8th april!

It probably won’t come as a surprise to you that there is no slowing down for him. Our founder is more determined than ever to work hard and, together with the whole team of PCF, to make a difference for the marginalised children and adults we care for.

The results we witness on a daily basis is the best motivation ever to do more for more people. This is not a dream! Children do get better opportunities in life if the right kind of support is given to them.

Sallo cannot imagine a bigger gift for his birthday than to see that we do more for more children and adults in need. With more recurring support for our projects we can make more dreams come true.

So that is what Sallo would love for his 60th: monthly donations to make it all happen.

With this we can continue to make that kind of a difference, and more, and a monthly donation of €15 goes a long way to do that.

Many Thanks!
The team at Philanthropy Connections (and this time without Sallo)


Support for 8 volunteer teachers for 1 month so they can continue to teach children at an Internally Displaced Persons camp





1 month’s educational material for 6 very poor students in Cambodia helping them acquire an essential education





1 months supply of fruit and soy milk for 6 preschoolers in Cambodia, improving nutrition but also helps keep them in school