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Project: Ta K'Paw New School Building (School Repair & Rebuild)
Location: Ta Graeh township, Pa-an District, Karen State ,
Sponsorship Started: June 2022
Total Beneficiaries: 55 and 240  students + teachers, and villagers
Project Cycle: June - Sept 2022
Annual Budget: €10.005  ($11.332)

The existing building had several structural issues, including a leaking roof and decaying floor, making it unsafe for students. While the school initially requested only repairs and a new office with a library, it was later agreed that a new building, using some material repurposed from the old buildings, would be a more viable long-term solution. Full Details

Project: School rebuild and emergency repair
Location: Moei River, Karen State ,
Sponsorship Started: June 2020
Total Beneficiaries: 2.341  teachers, students and community
Project Cycle: 2nd June - 30th June 2020
Annual Budget: €16.042  ($18.698)

The project rebuilt schools and teachers' dormitories worn with time and to repair schools affected by the storm on May 20, 2020. These repairs are crucial for the safety and well being of students and teachers to able to continue with their education. Full Details

Project: School reconstruction after fire damage
Location: Mae Kae Khee, Trakuk District, Karen State ,
Sponsorship Started: 2021
Total Beneficiaries: 82  students, teachers
Project Cycle: Jan - July 2021
Annual Budget: €7751  ($9.518)

After a late night fire burnt down the school in October 2021, the community came together to help reconstruct the building, overcoming severe difficulties arising from the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Full Details

Project: School Power
Location: Ta Graeh, Karen State ,
Sponsorship Started: 2018
Total Beneficiaries: 95 (763)  teachers (students)
Project Cycle: 1st Jan 2022 - 31st Dec 2023
Annual Budget: €58,235  ($63,625)

By strengthening the capacity of Karen teachers in eight targeted schools, this project helps to support the well-being and quality of life for 763 border children and over 350 families in 9 communities in conflict-affected areas on the Thai-Myanmar border. Full Details

Project: Karenni School Power
Location: Eastern Demoso Township, Karenni State ,
Sponsorship Started: 2021
Total Beneficiaries: 723 (41)  students (teachers)
Project Cycle: 1st June 2022 - 31st January 2023
Annual Budget: €33,444  ($35,892)

The project's core objectives included promoting the well-being of teachers by ensuring they received the necessary care and encouragement and providing essential school materials for effective teaching. The initiative aimed to address the nutritional requirements of both students and teachers by helping provide food. This comprehensive approach was aimed at creating the best learning environment possible in the extremely challenging conditions. Full Details