Karenni Chilli Making

Karenni Chilli Making

Project:Karenni chilli making
Partner: Ban Nai Soi Community Learning Centre
Location:Ban Nai Soi village,
Sponsorship Started:2017
Budget: €50.000 (setting up costs: €32.500 / 1-yr running costs: €17.500) ($59.700)
Total Beneficiaries:80 - 90


Founded in the spring of 2005, Ban Nai Soi Community Learning Centre (BNSCLC) seeks to provide secondary education, practical vocational skills and community development skills to secondary school-aged Burmese refugees, ethnic minorities and the rural poor living in the Mae Hong Son Province area of Thailand.

The purpose of this project is to provide a sustainable source of income to the BNSCLC so they can begin to become more self-sufficient.

Furthermore, this project will develop the vocational skills for Karenni chilli making to many migrant, refugee, Thai and ethnic minority students. The revenue will help fund the learning centre’s educational programmes as well as preserve Karenni traditional knowledge and culture.

This project is still under development and consideration. We continue to work with BNSCLC in order to improve their business plan and network. Any interested entrepreneurs or investors are encouraged to contact us for more information.


The vision of this project is to support the BNSCLC and the people they serve through sustainable income generation, through the locally grown and sourced Karenni chilli. The community around BNSCLC has made modest sales, both regionally and internationally, of their Karenni chilli’s, but to formalise this opportunity and create a sustainable and locally sourced business, they needed our support.

To bring in additional expertise, we sought out Stephan Brdlik, the Programme Director from Chiang Mai Kitchen, to help improve the business plan. This helped BNSCLC to improve upon their first batch of products.

The purpose of our support is to get this project up and running in its initial year, and to re-evaluate going forward to get to a point where the project is providing BNSCLC a stable and sustainable source of income.

Goals and Results

The goal of this project is to help BNSCLC develop a sustainable source of income through the production and sale of Karenni chilli.


  • We are not supporting this project yet. We are in the final stages of a feasibility study, while measuring interest with potential sponsors.