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Community Development

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Project: Additional needs for KMTY school
Partner: Lahu Women Organisation
Location: Kone Myint Thar Yor Village ,
Sponsorship Started: 2018
Total Beneficiaries: 65  children
Project Cycle: January - February 2018
Total Budget: €6.937  ($8.160)

The primary school at Kone Myint Thar Yor village educates 65 local children and seven other surrounding villages. We recently funded the construction of a new school building with our local partner, the Lahu Women Organisation. This project supported the additional needs of the school to further support the education of the village children. Full Details

Project: Capacity building programme for Red Lahu women
Partner: Kids Ark
Location: Ban Hoy Muang Nai village ,
Sponsorship Started: 2016
Total Beneficiaries: 30  Women
Project Cycle: January 2016 - 2019
Total Budget: €10.678  ($11,706)

A one-year capacity building programme to teach women of ethnic minorities weaving skills and educate them on nutrition, health care, human rights and community service. Full Details

Project: Community centre for elderly and disabled people
Partner: Warm Heart Foundation
Location: Huay Sai ,
Sponsorship Started: 2011
Project Cycle: October 2011 – March 2012
Total Budget: €2.400  ($2.880)
Project Type:

Philanthropy Connections identified a sponsor to fund the renovation of an old school building in the village of Huay Sai. The school has transformed into a centre where services are offered to people with a physical disability and senior citizens. Full Details