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Economic Development

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Project: Capacity building programme for Red Lahu women
Partner: Kids Ark
Location: Ban Hoy Muang Nai village ,
Sponsorship Started: 2016
Total Beneficiaries: 30  Women
Project Cycle: January 2016 - 2019
Total Budget: €10.678  ($11,706)

A one-year capacity building programme to teach women of ethnic minorities weaving skills and educate them on nutrition, health care, human rights and community service. Full Details

Project: Microcredits for women's group
Partner: Culture for micro Credit
Location: Taunggyi ,
Sponsorship Started: 2012
Total Beneficiaries: 120  women
Project Cycle: November 2012
Total Budget: €800  ($997)
Project Type:

Women in Burma have limited access to the labour market and employment opportunities are often restricted to low-skilled jobs with marginal wages. An opportunity to help groups of women with microfinancing empowers them to set up small businesses of their own. Full Details