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Emergency Relief

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Project: Aid after floods
Location: Siem Reap ,
Sponsorship Started: 2011
Total Beneficiaries: 250  families
Project Cycle: November 2011
Total Budget: €3.200  ($4.338)
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In 2011 heavy rains caused severe flooding in Cambodia which affected hundreds of thousands of families and many villages were in a state of emergency. We were able to help these families with emergency food and seeds for fast growing vegetables and rice. Full Details

Project: Emergency food support
Location: Piang Luang ,
Sponsorship Started: 2017
Total Beneficiaries: over 400  refugees
Project Cycle: November 2017 - December 2017
Total Budget: €31.800  ($38.150)

In October, food support was cut off by another aid organisation to more than 6.000 Shan refugees living in six different camps - including our partner, Koung Jor Shan Refugee Camp (KJSRC). However, thanks to the continued generosity of our sponsors, especially the Brodtbeck Philanthropy Foundation, we are able to help out with the food shortage in KJSRC, by providing food as needed until funding is restored. Full Details

Project: Facilitating donations after Nepal earthquakes
Partner: Yogdaan Foundation Nepal
Location: Kathmandu ,
Sponsorship Started: 2015
Total Beneficiaries: 210  families
Project Cycle: September 2015
Total Budget: €20.430  ($22.228)
Project Type:

After two devastating earthquakes in Nepal we helped facilitate tax efficient donations that were used to construct emergency shelters for the affected communities. Full Details

Project: Flood damages at Bahn Ruam Jai
Partner: Bahn Ruam Jai
Location: Chiang Mai ,
Sponsorship Started: 2011
Total Beneficiaries: 40  children
Project Cycle: November 2011
Total Budget: €2.000  ($2.494)

A large flood hit Chiang Mai which forced the caretakers and children of Bahn Ruam Jai, a safe haven, to evacuate to the second floor of the building for four days. We were able to help with the replacement and repair of damaged items to ensure that the children could continue living in a healthy environment. Full Details