Project: Additional needs for KMTY school
Partner: Lahu Women Organisation
Location: Kone Myint Thar Yor Village ,
Sponsorship Started: 2018
Total Beneficiaries: 65
Project Cycle: January - February 2018
Annual Budget: €6.365  ($6.650)

The primary school at Kone Myint Thar Yor village educates 65 local children and seven other surrounding villages. We recently funded the construction of a new school building with our local partner, the Lahu Women Organisation. This project supported the additional needs of the school to further support the education of the village children.

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Project: Intensive English Career Bridging Program
Partner: Mehm Kan Kyi Education Network
Location: Mawlamyine ,
Sponsorship Started: 2015
Total Beneficiaries: 16
Project Cycle: December 2015 - January 2017
Annual Budget: €18.270  ($19.325)

Intensive English Career Bridging Program is a one-year programme that includes a three-month internship, which was established to address the inequalities experienced by different ethnic groups in the Burmese border states. The programme targets talented young adults with leadership potential and a drive to promote change in their communities.

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