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Community Development

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Project: Baan Huay Hin Lad Nok Community School
Partner: Hin Lad Nok Community School
Location: Chiang Rai province ,
Sponsorship Started: 2017
Total Beneficiaries: 20
Project Cycle: September 2017 - April 2018
Annual Budget: €7.610  ($8.830)

The Baan Huay Hin Lad Nok Community School provides quality education to children in a rural village in Chiang Rai province, northern Thailand. Their education programme combines formal education with local education methods, which helps to preserve the local traditions and provide useful knowledge relevant to the community. Our support provides for the operating costs, education materials and the funding for an income generating beekeeping project.

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Project: Capacity building programme for Red Lahu women
Partner: Kids Ark
Location: Ban Hoy Muang Nai village ,
Sponsorship Started: 2016
Total Beneficiaries: 30
Project Cycle: January 2016 - ongoing
Annual Budget: €10.513  ($11.466)

A one-year capacity building programme to teach women of ethnic minorities weaving skills and educate them on nutrition, health care, human rights and community service.

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Project: Karenni chilli making
Partner: Ban Nai Soi Community Learning Centre
Location: Ban Nai Soi village ,
Sponsorship Started: 2017
Total Beneficiaries: 80 - 90
Project Cycle: TBD
Annual Budget: €50.000 (setting up costs: €32.500 / 1-yr running costs: €17.500)  ($59.700)

The Ban Nai Soi Community Learning Centre offers great educational opportunities to migrant youth who have no access to ‘regular’ education. The centre is dependent on external support. To make the project self-sustainable, we work together with them to develop their home made product ‘Karenni chilli paste’ and bring it to scale.

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Project: Seven libraries in remote villages
Partner: KAKO
Location: Siem Reap ,
Sponsorship Started: 2013
Total Beneficiaries: 6.750
 children and adults
Project Cycle: June 2013 - ongoing
Annual Budget: €18.500  ($22.093)

In seven remote villages in Siem Reap province, libraries have been established to help the adults and children practice their reading and writing skills. The libraries provide books, magazines and daily newspapers to help the people stay informed.

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