Our Story

Who We Are

Philanthropy Connections

We make connections that enable people to help themselves and each other

Philanthropy Connections Foundation (PCF) is a non-profit organisation that supports people in vulnerable situations.

We work in partnership with local organisations in Thailand, Cambodia and Burma, who know the real problems and needs within their communities. They speak the language and know the culture, making them the ideal partners to implement projects that will address these problems. What they often lack are the resources to find help from outside.

That is where we can help. We find the required help for them and by doing so enable them to do more for their communities. We connect, we engage, we facilitate and if required, we advise. We shine a light onto small, effective grassroots organisations that otherwise would remain invisible.

What We Do and How We Do It

We begin by identifying suitable projects. Next, we perform thorough due diligence to ensure that each project meets our criteria for support and to establish a relationship with on-the-ground project leaders. We further research each project to assess its needs and confirm its sustainability. Finally, we connect selected projects with one or more of our generous supporters to provide them with the support they need. This can be financial or in any other form that is required.

Our portfolio of projects is diverse, but every project we invest in is created to improve the living conditions of people who live in poverty. Each one enables impoverished communities to become more self-sufficient and gives its members the tools to lead independent, dignified lives.

We are delighted with our past success record and are committed to continued growth to support more people and expand our treasured community of supporters, donors, volunteers and partners.

Our History

  • Beginnings

    It began with a single idea. Sallo Polak, the future founder, had been working with NGOs in Thailand for a few years and thought to provide assistance for the small, local and invisible organisations that are out of the mainstream.
  • Early efforts

    Before being officially established, Sallo connected donations and sponsors to several projects in Thailand, Cambodia and Burma.
  • PCF is established

    Dec 2011
    PCF is officially registered as a charity in the Netherlands (as Stichting Philanthropy Connections) and operates out of a project office in Chiang Mai.
  • 12 Projects supported (€33K)

  • 12 Projects supported (€98K) – 194% growth in project spending

    Feb 2013: Registered with Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) for tax efficient donations in several EU countries
    Dec 2013: Already 38 volunteers from 17 countries have donated their time, energy and expertise to PCF
  • 15 Projects supported (€73K)

    Aug 2014: Registered with the King Baudouin Foundation US (KBFUS) for tax deductible donations in the United States
  • 16 Projects supported (€114K) – 57% increase in project spending

    June 2015: The Thai Ambassador to the Netherlands invited Sallo to discuss PCF’s work.
  • 21 Projects supported (€100K)

    July 2016: We moved into our own office!
    Nov 2016: We were officially registered as a Thai foundation
  • 31 Projects supported (€261K)

    Feb 2017: We received the NTCC “Great Sustainability Projects” award from the Netherlands-Thai Chamber of Commerce

    Feb 2018: PCF doubles in size since 2016 to add its 10th staff member

Our Mission

Our mission is to find, help, and empower people in need.

Our Vision

Our vision, over the next five years, is to change the lives of 50,000 people.