• A one-year capacity building programme to teach women of ethnic minorities weaving skills and educate them on nutrition, health care, human rights and community service.

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  • Featured Project: Karenni Chilli Making

    The Ban Nai Soi Community Learning Centre offers great educational opportunities to migrant youth who have no access to ‘regular’ education. The centre is dependent on external support. To make the project self-sustainable, we work together with them to develop their home made product ‘Karenni chilli paste’ and bring it to scale.

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  • Featured Project: Preschools in Cambodia

    In remote villages surrounding Siem Reap we are expanding educational opportunities available to preschoolers, preparing them for primary school and providing the chance to be a "child" instead of falling behind their peers.

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  • Featured Project: Toilets in remote villages

    An ongoing project that focuses on building toilets and improving the sanitation conditions in poor, remote villages surrounding Siem Reap.

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  • Featured Project: Sai Wijit's Success Story: from pupil to teacher
    Hear, in Sai Wijit's own words, how he is giving back to his community after PCF found a donor to support his scholarship.

Our Projects

Projects are the foundation of Philanthropy Connections. We take a two-step approach to our project involvement. First, we seek out community-driven initiatives started by local people to benefit their communities and improve their quality of life. Second, we connect these projects with sponsors willing to fund these activities.


Our Work

Philanthropy Connections was founded to help people in need. It is the common thread in all we do. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, we work to positively change the lives of the less fortunate. Those who we assist, find strength in the fact that people like you, our sponsors, help them to build a better future.


How to get Involved

Here’s how you can connect with us and get involved. You can either become a sponsor, or a donor. Sponsors choose to financially underwrite an entire project, and donors choose to contribute to help sustain our operations, as well as help fund our projects as needed. Sponsors and donors can be individuals, families, organisations, or businesses.


Some Of Our Projects

Words from Our Supporters

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