The Team

Sallo Polak
Founder & Executive Director

Originally from the Netherlands, Sallo founded PCF in Thailand in 2011. After years of working in Dutch television, his travels to Southeast Asia gave him the vision of helping local communities in need by providing them with the necessary resources to improve their living conditions and lead dignified lives.

I wanted to found an organisation that I myself would feel confident donating to. PCF is that organisation.
Nisa Nanakorn (Pim)
Finance and Accounting Officer

Pim, from Thailand, joined PCF in June, 2018. She is responsible for managing all Finance and Accounting needs. She brings 10 years of private sector and nonprofit experience, specifically in the area of Justice education.

Being an accountant at PCF is a big challenge for me to develop the financial policy but I love to work with the amazing team members.
Acharee Hughes (Mam)
Project Finances Coordinator

Mam, from Thailand, joined PCF in February 2018. With several years of operational experience in various organisations, she is in charge of supporting the Project Team in all financial aspects, to include reviewing proposed budgets, budget tracking and project financial reporting.

I enjoy working with this professional team to develop and grow the capacity of both PCF and our partners.
Anupap Danpo (Game)
Project Coordinator

Game, from Thailand, joined PCF in January 2018. He is in charge of coordinating project administrative materials, facilitating communication between PCF and projects, and developing internal monitoring and evaluation (M&E) tools. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Chiang Mai Rajabhat University.

Being Project Coordinator at PCF is a great opportunity to develop my skills while working with a professional team.
Kanyarat Pinyonitchakul (Kan)
Administrative Officer

Ms Kanyarat Pinyonitchakul (Kan) from Thailand, joined PCF as Administrative Officer in June, 2018. She brings 13 year’s of non profit administration and finance experience, specifically in the area of indigenous peoples’ rights. She holds a Bachelor of Political Science from Chiang Mai University.

PCF is a super cool organization to work with. I am proud to be a part of this team that directly helps people who need assistance.
Sarawut Pengsannoo (O)
Operations Support Officer

O, from Thailand, joined PCF as Project Team Support in July 2021. He is in charge of communicating with partners, involving in the project routine process such as monitoring the project implementation and evaluation at project end period. He also supports Communication Team with providing information and documentation to produce sponsor reports, proposals and factsheets. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Chiang Mai Rajabhat University.

I am grateful and honored to be a part of the organisation. I enjoy working with the professional team members in a positive working environment.
Mark Kearns
Communications and Strategy Manager

Mark, originally from Ireland but mostly the UK, started volunteering for PCF in 2012 soon after arriving in Chiang Mai. Mark has worked for many years in global IT teams developing websites, managing technical teams and projects. A once frequent traveller, he has worked in Europe, USA and now Thailand.

It took some time but finally I managed to take the plunge and commit myself to, in my opinion, one of the most effective organisations working in poverty alleviation in this area of the world.

This is Pong! Our Mae-Baan.

Pong has been with PCF since 2016, helping to keep the office clean.

I really like to work at PCF because the boss and staff here are so kind and treat me very friendly. The office environment is nice so when I work here, I feel so comfortable.
Chonlaya Ek-akara (Som)
Communications Officer

Chonlaya Ek-akara (Sompoi), from Thailand, joined PCF in May 2021. She moved from Bangkok to pursue her dream job with us. She has been working for Non-profit sector for a long period of time, specializes in project management and communications. She graduated from faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University and studied International Development at Brussels School of International Studies. She has always dreamt of pursuing a career in the development field in order to help people receive a better life.

It is my honor to be part of the PCF’s team to help and support others who need, I wish my knowledge and experience can play a part in making a change in someone life or a better situation in any community.
Krist Inmanee (Ton)
Teams Support Officer

Ton, from Thailand, joined PCF in May 2021. His several years experience in hotels, condominium and tour booking administration has supplied him with all the varied skills needed in his role of management support officer.

It is wonderful to get the chance to be involved with PCF in helping disadvantaged people to have a better life and future.
Adam Lawrence
Adam Lawrence
Communications and PR Officer

Though originally from the UK, Adam spent most of his early life in Portugal and has been working in South East Asia as an English teacher and teacher trainer since 2008. After focusing his MA thesis on migrant students in northern Thailand, Adam decided to settle in Chiang Mai and joined PCF in October 2022.

My favourite thing about working for PCF is that all of our projects stem directly from the specific needs of remote communities—every initiative is unique. In this part of the world, many people live in precarious situations but PCF is able to adapt to their shifting circumstances. I think that’s really impressive!

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