New School Building for Primary Kids

New School Building for Primary Kids

Project Details

Project:Ta K'Paw New School Building (School Repair & Rebuild)
Location:Ta Graeh township, Pa-an District, Karen State,
Sponsorship Started:June 2022
Duration:June - Sept 2022
Budget: €10.005 ($11.332)
Total Beneficiaries:55 and 240
 students + teachers, and villagers


The Ta Graeh district remains a safe haven and a stable environment for education but the existing building had several structural issues, including a leaking roof and decaying floor, making it unsafe for students. While the school initially requested only repairs and a new office with a library, it was later agreed that a new building, using some material repurposed from the old buildings, would be a more viable long-term solution.


Friends Without Borders (FWB) Foundation was established in 1999 and registered as a
non-profit organisation in 2008. FWB works primarily with refugees and displaced children living in conflict-affected areas in and around refugee camps on the Thai-Burma border. One of the schools that falls under our ‘SchoolPower’ initiative, implemented in partnership with FWB, is the Ta K’Paw school. This primary school serves children aged 6 to 12 years old and is situated in the village of P’noi Pu, a remote farming community known for its rice and other crops.

Goals and Results

Despite challenges such as seasonal weather conditions affecting transport and construction, the project was completed as scheduled. The community even contributed extra funds and resources to meet the project’s needs. Going forward, equipment used in the construction will be kept and can be rented out to generate additional funds for the school.


  • Micha Richter | $11.332 USD

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