Our Board

Our Dutch Board

René Mendel

For many years René was affiliated with the University of Amsterdam as a Social Pedagogue and has been the director of “Interakt” since 1989. Interakt develops websites, produces documentaries, DVDs, television programmes, books and exhibitions with a historical, cultural, educational or social angle.

Catherine Keyl
Catherine Keyl
Board Member

Catherine has been a renowned talk show host on Dutch Television for more than twenty years. She regularly worked with Sallo, who was floor manager for her programmes. Today she writes columns for a leading Dutch newspaper and makes frequent appearances on TV.

Gerard Verberne

Gerard is a successful entrepreneur with a background in mechanical engineering. Following the sale of his businesses, he works as a consultant and advisor to various companies. In addition, Gerard is active in mediation, and executive coaching.

Sallo Polak
Founder & Chairman

Previously a successful floor manager in the Dutch television industry, Sallo moved to Chiang Mai in 2006 to dedicate himself full-time to helping people in vulnerable situations. After working with NGOs in Thailand for a few years he developed the vision to support small, local organisations that are out of the mainstream, and thus to create PCF.

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Dutch Entity Legal Documents

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Dutch Documentation

  • Uittreksel Handelsregister (pdf, opens in new tab)

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  • Besluit fiscale vrijstelling (ANBI) (pdf, opens in new tab)

Our Thai Board

Chuwong Supasitthumrong
Chuwong Supasitthumrong
Treasurer and Secretary

Chuwong Supasitthumrong is the treasurer and secretary of Philanthropy Connections. With a Masters in Advanced Chemical Engineering and vast field experience, Khun Chuwong is Director at U-ProChem Co, which specialises in water treatment, water systems and water equipment in Thailand.

Dr.Samai Sirithongthaworn
Dr. Samai Sirithongthaworn
Board Member

For many years Dr. Samai Sirithongthaworn was a psychiatrist at the Suan Prung Hospital in Chiang Mai, where he became Head of the Academic Department. In 1994 he became the director of the Rajanagarindra Institute of Child Development (RICD) and founded the RICD Wheelchair Project. In 2015 Dr. Samai became the director of the Suan Prung Hospital while still leading the RICD as its acting director. He has been involved in humanitarian work for many years and won first place for Improving the Delivery of Public Services in the United Nations Public Service Awards 2013.

Thai Legal Entity Legal Documents

  • Registration certificate ( pdf, opens in new tab)

  • Incorporation deed (pdf, opens in new tab)

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  • Business Plan ( pdf, opens in new tab)

  • Annual Report 2016 (pdf, opens in new tab)