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Community Development

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Project: Baan Huay Hin Lad Nok Community School
Location: Chiang Rai province ,
Sponsorship Started: 2017
Total Beneficiaries: 20  students
Project Cycle: September 2017 - April 2021
Annual Budget: €12.104  ($13,270)

The School provides quality education to children in a rural village, combining formal education with local education methods to help preserve traditions and provide useful knowledge relevant to the community. Full Details

Project: Baan Huay Hin Lad Nok Community Education Support
Location: Chiang Rai province ,
Sponsorship Started: 2020
Total Beneficiaries: 4 students  
Project Cycle: 2020 - 2021
Annual Budget: €1.825  ($2.145)

Supporting young students financially so they can afford to attend school. Paying for their uniform, books, transportation and meals without which their opportunities in life would be severely limited. Full Details

Project: Strengthening Teachers Capacity
Location: Kachin State ,
Sponsorship Started: 2018
Total Beneficiaries: 27 teachers, 927 students  
Project Cycle: May 2018 - April 2021
Annual Budget: €20.905  ($24.355)

By keeping 10 schools open all year and giving special training to the teachers, this project ensures 3.700 at-risk children get an education even in such an insecure and conflict-affected area in Northern Myanmar. Full Details

Project: School rebuild and emergency repair
Location: Moei River, Karen State ,
Sponsorship Started: June 2020
Total Beneficiaries: 2.341  teachers, students and community
Project Cycle: 2nd June - 30th June 2020
Annual Budget: €16.042  ($18.698)

The project rebuilt schools and teachers' dormitories worn with time and to repair schools affected by the storm on May 20, 2020. These repairs are crucial for the safety and well being of students and teachers to able to continue with their education. Full Details

Project: Seven libraries in remote villages
Location: Siem Reap ,
Sponsorship Started: 2013
Total Beneficiaries: 6.750  children and adults
Project Cycle: June 2013 - ongoing
Annual Budget: €18.500  ($22.093)

In seven remote villages in Siem Reap province, libraries have been established to help the adults and children practice their reading and writing skills. The libraries provide books, magazines and daily newspapers to help the people stay informed. Full Details

Project: School Power
Location: Ta Graeh, Karen State ,
Sponsorship Started: 2018
Total Beneficiaries: 64 (617)  teachers (students)
Project Cycle: 1st Nov 2019 - 31st Oct 2020
Annual Budget: €49.466  ($54.727)

By strengthening the capacity of Karen teachers in eight targeted schools, this project helps to support the well-being and quality of life for 617 border children and over 350 families in 9 communities in conflict-affected areas on the Thai-Myanmar border. Full Details

Project: Support for KAKO
Location: Siem Reap ,
Sponsorship Started: 2017
Project Cycle: 2017 - ongoing
Annual Budget: €21.900  ($27.020)
Project Type:

Because of the extent of our support to KAKO, we have taken on the overall administrative support of their operations. KAKO provides education, health care, sanitation and much more to thousands of some of the most underserved of rural Cambodians. We are happy to provide this support to KAKO to give them the financial stability they require. Full Details