Chiang Mai International Rotary Club

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Project: Donation of winter clothes
Location: Chiang Mai province ,
Sponsorship Started: 2015
Total Beneficiaries: 500  children, adults and refugees
Project Cycle: November 2015 - ongoing
Annual Budget: €0 (Donations in-kind)  ($0)

In 2015, the Chiang Mai International Rotary Club (CMIRC) approached us for a project to receive their yearly donation of clothes. Aware of the situation in Koung Jor, we proposed to CMIRC that they donate winter clothing to the camp. Full Details

Project: Support for Koung Jor Nursery School
Location: Piang Luang ,
Sponsorship Started: 2017
Total Beneficiaries: 118  children and teachers
Project Cycle: 2020 ongoing
Annual Budget: €2.980  ($3.170)

By connecting Chiang Mai International Rotary Club with SWAN (the partner that helps support the nursery), the children now have a reliable funding for the children's daily dietary needs. Full Details