Founded in 1991, the Inter Mountain Peoples’ Education and Culture in Thailand organisation (IMPECT) is a Thai-NGO run by and for the indigenous, rural and poor communities of northern Thailand.

IMPECT works to promote participation and ownership of development activities in many communities resided in by people from 13 different ethnic groups in northern Thailand.

Their four areas of action include

  • Cultural Revival and Alternative Education
  • Promotion of the Environment and Natural Resource Management
  • Enhancement of Indigenous Peoples’ Movements
  • Networks and Indigenous Peoples’ Rights.
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Project: Ban Pha Lai Community School
Location: Chiang Dao ,
Sponsorship Started: 2017
Total Beneficiaries: 55  students and teachers
Project Cycle: May 2017 -
Annual Budget: €9.718  ($10.751)
Project Type:

80 Preschool students from 13 marginalised ethnic minority groups near Chiang Dao in northern Thailand saw the funding of their school drying up. We could avoid the closing of their school thanks to a generous sponsor. Full Details