Koung Jor Shan Refugee Camp

Koung Jor Shan Refugee Camp has become ‘home’ to some 400 refugees who escaped the internal armed conflict in Burma. While the people at Koung Jor have been displaced from their homes, they are making the best of their situation and try to improve their opportunities in any way available.

Some of these refugees are children who are alone and do not have family or parents to turn to. Without a safe and caring place in which to grow up the chances of these children developing into independent and healthy adults are very slim.

Koung Jor Shan Refugee Camp
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Project: Boarding house for Shan youth
Location: Piang Luang ,
Sponsorship Started: 2012
Total Beneficiaries: 23  Children, Coordinator, Caretaker
Project Cycle: May 2012 - ongoing
Annual Budget: €16,280  ($17,570)

The boarding house offers up to 20 children an environment that is as close to a normal family life as possible. They attend the local Thai school and learn English, Shan, Burmese and computer skills at the camp in the evenings. Full Details

Project: Supplementary scholarships for Shan youth
Location: Piang Luang ,
Sponsorship Started: 2012
Total Beneficiaries: 5  students
Project Cycle: July 2019 - Dec 2020
Annual Budget: €510  ($575)

Shan scholarship students are supported with supplementary scholarships that cover their basic living costs such as clothing, hygienic needs and food. With the aid of academic and supplementary scholarships students have a better chance of succeeding in school, improving their livelihoods and helping their communities. Full Details

Project: Free Food Campaign
Partner: Monsoon Tea, SWAN, KJSRC, FCHG
Location: Chiang Mai ,
Sponsorship Started: 2020
Total Beneficiaries: 2300+  
Project Cycle: Free Meals: Mar 2020 - Nov 2020 | Emergency Food: Mar 2020 -ongoing
Annual Budget: €27.037  ($29.239)
Project Type:

Here in Chiang Mai the local population is much more dependent on tourist income and casual labour than most other Thai cities. The recent lockdown due to the pandemic has brought many people to the brink of desperation. It is estimated that 100.000 people are now unemployed with no financial safety net and none likely in the near future. Full Details

Project: Stipend for English teachers
Location: Piang Luang ,
Sponsorship Started: 2016
Total Beneficiaries: 102  students and teachers
Project Cycle: September 2016 – ongoing
Annual Budget: €5.170  ($5.590)

In Koung Jor Shan Refugee Camp the leadership set up English classes to increase the opportunities for the children in the community once they are able to leave the camp. A small stipend for the teachers secures the continuity of this important programme. Full Details