Lahu Women Organisation

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Sponsorship Started: 2022
Total Beneficiaries: 3.000+  IDPs including 187 students/children
Project Cycle: 1 month
Annual Budget: €1.586  ($1.575)
Project Type:

We support the most urgently needed medications for 3,000 people in an IDP camp which has recently seen a large influx of people. Full Details

Project: New School Building in Pying Mong village
Location: Pying Mong village ,
Sponsorship Started: July 2019
Total Beneficiaries: 60+  students
Project Cycle: July 2019 - Jan 2020
Annual Budget: €17.589  ($20.037)

Building a school for a community of several villages that have no school, so that children can have a chance to get an education and learn Burmese, opening the door to opportunities that the community never had available to them before. Full Details