Ah Shee’s clubfoot

Ah Shee’s clubfoot

Project:Ah Shee's Clubfoot
Partner: Burma Children Medical Fund
Location:Mae Sot,
Sponsorship Started:2012
Total Budget: €2.637 ($3.288)
Total Beneficiaries:1


Ah Shee was born prematurely at the Mae Tao Clinic in Mae Sot in western Thailand. She was very weak at birth and was born with clubfoot in both her feet. As she gained her strength she grew into an active, happy child; however her development was delayed due to her impediment. At nine months she could crawl but was unable to sit on her own.

Ah Shee was referred to the Burma Children Medical Fund for initial treatment coordination, and under their care was transferred to Chiang Mai for specialised treatment on numerous occasions.

In 2012 we were able to secure funds from two donors who agreed to cover the total costs of Ah Shee’s surgery and follow-up treatment.


Ah Shee was born at the Mae Tao Clinic in February 2012. The Mae Tao Clinic (MTC) was established in Mae Sot, Thailand to meet the medical needs of people travelling across the border to escape conflict in Burma. Patients requiring more complicated medical procedures are referred to a major hospital in Chiang Mai through the Burma Children Medical Fund.

In addition to being born prematurely Ah Shee also had a twisted right and left foot. Although clubfoot is painless in a baby, it is recommended that treatment be given as early as possible to prevent significant problems as the child grows up. For the first two months Ah Shee’s feet were massaged daily and wrapped in bandages. When she was strong enough the clinic staff gave her parents a referral to the Mae Sot Hospital for an assessment and treatment. She was subsequently sent to a hospital in Chiang Mai for surgery and post-operation care which included having her legs placed in a brace. She also had monthly follow up appointments and x-rays when needed to monitor the progress until the orthopedic surgeon was satisfied.


  • Participants Symposium ‘de Medische Voet’: € 1.637
  • KiddyColors: € 1.000

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