Aid after floods

Aid after floods

Project Details

Project:Aid after floods
Location:Siem Reap,
Sponsorship Started:2011
Duration:November 2011
Total Budget: €3.200 ($4.338)
Total Beneficiaries:250


From August to November 2011 heavy rains caused severe flooding in Cambodia. Many villages were in a state of emergency: homes had been destroyed, there were food shortages and, because people were unable to work in the fields, they no longer had access to their main source of income.

In November 2011 we appealed to our sponsors to support our emergency relief efforts to the villages surrounding Siem Reap whose livelihoods had been seriously affected by the floods.


Severe flooding during the 2011 monsoon season wreaked havoc on three-quarters of Cambodia, resulting in over 250 deaths and affecting the lives of 1.5 million people (1). Torrential rains caused rivers to swell and overflow, sending water gushing into villages and causing terrible destruction to supplies and crops.

More than 270.000 families nationwide saw their homes and livelihoods waterlogged as a result of the heavy rain (2). A total of 52.000 households had to be evacuated (3). For weeks many villages were only accessible by boat or wading through the deep waters.

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Goals and Results

After appealing to sponsors for support we were quickly able to provide the most affected villages surrounding Siem Reap with emergency food and seeds for fast-growing vegetables and rice.

Our partner Khmer Akphiwat Khmer Organization (KAKO) distributed the much-needed food and resources to 100 village families when they were unable to access local shops and the city of Siem Reap for resources. The seeds were distributed to 150 families to restart their lives and have access to a vital source of income and food for themselves.


  • Stichting Interhelp, C. van der Grift BV, Stichting Proplan and LCB & Projects – The Netherlands: together € 2.000
  • Familie Spaaij – The Netherlands: € 1.200

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