Care for children with Down syndrome

Care for children with Down syndrome

Project:Care for children with down syndrome
Partner: NMRWC
Location:Chiang Mai,
Sponsorship Started:2010
Total Budget: €700 ($840)
Total Beneficiaries:2


Yig and Siouw are two children who suffer with Down syndrome and who come from very poor village families in northern Thailand. Their parents work long hours to provide for themselves and for their families. As a result, they do not have the time to gain the knowledge on their children’s condition or give special care to them. Also, these parents do not have the money to pay for speech and nutrition therapy for their children.

Yig and Siouw were in dire need of an environment that would provide special attention, stimulation and expert care to optimise their development.

Yig and Siouw joined NMRWC on May 18, 2009. They are now living in an appropriate and wholesome environment where they receive suitable treatment. More importantly, their mental and physical abilities have shown positive changes including dancing and imitating other voices or gestures.

Our sponsor, the Dutch Down Support Foundation not only financially supported Yig and Siouw, but provided expert feedback.

The overall situation of the children has improved enormously since their arrival at the NMRWC.


The Northern Welfare Centre (NMRWC) was established in 1962 and supports children and adults with mental disabilities.

Various fields of expertise, the cooperation of the patients’ families and collaboration of interdisciplinary teams, as well as public support are needed to help improve the situation of neglected children and adults with mental disabilities. The NMRWC coordinates the support and provides all necessary services.

The Northern Welfare Centre has been helping hundreds of people with special needs. Many of them have left the centre and live confidently in society.


  • Dutch Down Support Foundation – the Netherlands

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