Care for two children

Care for two children

Project Details

Project:Care for two children
Location:Piang Luang,
Sponsorship Started:2016
Duration:April 2016 – 2018
Total Budget: €2.345 ($2.770)
Total Beneficiaries:2


Mary Sweet Home Orphanage (MSHO) is located on the Thai-Burma border in Piang Luang, Thailand. It offers a supportive environment to five to ten vulnerable children who are either orphans or have parents who cannot take care of them.

This project provides support for the care of two children – Muay Muay and Dtee Dtee. Before Mary Sweet Home Orphanage, Muay Muay and Dtee Dtee, due to unfortunate circumstances, were not under the care of their parents. They were in an overall vulnerable and unsafe situation, without educational opportunities, adequate shelter and proper nutrition


Poverty and social marginalisation often result in a situation where parents cannot provide for their children. Initiatives like Mary Sweet Home Orphanage provide a shelter, a secure home and an opportunity to live as close to a normal family life as possible for children who are the victim of such circumstances.

In addition to caring for parentless children, the orphanage also offers educational programmes to provide village children with additional skills that will give them more opportunities. During the day, children from the orphanage and the village go to local Thai schools and in the evenings, together, they join the English classes held at the orphanage.

Goals and Results

The main goal of this project is to provide a safe and secure place for Muay Muay and Dtee Dtee to live, to support their education, to provide improved nutrition, and ultimately for them to have good opportunities in life.


  • Brodtbeck Philanthropy Foundation (April 2017 – March 2018)

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