Excursion for children with cognitive disabilities

Excursion for children with cognitive disabilities

Project Details

Project:Excursion for children with cognitive disabilities
Location:Chiang Mai,
Sponsorship Started:2011
Duration:December 2011
Total Budget: €100 ($133)
Total Beneficiaries:25


Located in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, the NMRWC serves as a home to children with cognitive disabilities. Its mission is to provide a high-quality of life, to promote learning and to create a service network for the children in its care.

Each year their staff plan a fun excursion for the children living at the centre. However, in 2011 the children’s day trip was almost cancelled due to a shortage of available funds.

Thanks to good friends who donated the required € 100, a total of 25 children were able to enjoy a day out at the Chiang Mai Zoo. At the time we were also providing support to two children at the centre, Yig and Siouw, whose fathers joined them on the outing.


The NMRWC was established in 1962 to create an institution for children with cognitive disabilities. The centre works with the Thai government and local charities to provide various fields of expertise and education to improve the quality of life for 30 to 40 children.

Every year the centre organises an outing, as children normally only leave the home to visit their parents or for the programme’s activities. Unfortunately in 2011 there was no budget available for the outing. Friends, who visited the centre with us, then donated the funds needed to make the day-trip possible.

Goals and Results

Thanks to one of our donors, 25 children from the NWCMR enjoyed a day at Chiang Mai Zoo including all its attractions: the snow dome; aquarium; panda bear quarters; several animal shows and a photoshoot in the jaws of a prehistoric shark.


  • Spaaij family – The Netherlands

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