Hot showers, office room and more for orphanage

Hot showers, office room and more for orphanage

Project Details

Project:Hot showers, office room and more for orphanage
Location:Piang Luang,
Sponsorship Started:2016
Duration:January - March 2016
Total Budget: €2.460 ($2.682)
Total Beneficiaries:12
 children and adults


Mary Sweet Home Orphanage (MSHO) is located on the Thai-Burma border in Piang Luang, Thailand. It offers a supportive environment to nine vulnerable children who are either orphans or have parents who cannot take care of them.

The orphanage also has two classrooms, and uses them to offer English lessons in the evenings to the orphanage children and local children from the community. However, what Mary Sweet Home lacked was an adequate office space where the supervisor and two local teachers could work comfortably.

An even more urgent need was caused by the fact that Mary Sweet Home is situated in a mountainous region that reaches below 10°C (50°F) during winter. The orphanage had no hot water and taking extremely cold showers during the winter months often lead to the children getting sick.

In November 2015 MSHO approached us to fund a hot water system, an office room and other urgent needs. Thanks to our sponsor, Dutch travel organisation 333TRAVEL, the children now have two upgraded bathrooms with hot showers and the MSHO team has a new office for staff.


Mary Sweet Home Orphanage (MSHO) was established in 1975 in Piang Luang by a former schoolteacher from Burma named Mary. Mary’s vision was to provide food, shelter, vocational skills and a warm home to children in need and prepare them to live an independent life.

In October 2015 Mary sadly passed away. Following her passing, all MSHO operations, activities and language courses were taken over by her granddaughter, Yulinda, who had been helping her grandmother at the orphanage since for many years.

The children living at MSHO attend a local Thai school during the day followed by English classes in the evening, giving them only time in the early morning to shower. Under normal conditions this would not be a problem, except the showers at the orphanage had no hot water. During the winter when temperatures reach below 10°C (50°F), taking cold showers often led to the children getting sick. This affected their school attendance and MSHO faced an increase in medical bills.

In addition to this concern, the MSHO team did not have a private room to work in or meet with visitors. All confidential documents regarding the children and orphanage were being stored on shelves in the house and could not be locked up safely.

MSHO approached us to finance the office room and hot shower systems which were priority on their list of needs.

Goals and Results

Funding received from 333TRAVEL went to Mary Sweet Home Orphanage (MSHO) to construct a new bathroom with a hot-water shower and toilet, as well as towards upgrading another bathroom to have a hot-water shower. Since their installation in early 2016, the showers have helped decrease the number of children getting sick.

Funding from 333TRAVEL also went towards building a fully-furnished office for the MSHO supervisor and teachers. It provides a quiet indoor area for the team to prepare lessons, evaluate the students’ work, store documents safely and complete MSHO admin tasks.



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