New building for Kone Myint Thar Yor School

New building for Kone Myint Thar Yor School

Project Details

Project:New building for Kone Myint Thar Yor School
Partner:Lahu Women Organisation
Location:Kone Myint Thar Yor Village,
Sponsorship Started:2017
Duration:March 2017 – May 2017
Total Budget: €13.840 ($16.270)
Total Beneficiaries:65


The Kone Myint Thar Yor village is a rural community located in eastern Shan state, Burma. The primary school in the village educates 65 children from Kone Myint Thar Yor and seven other surrounding villages.

The old school building was in very poor condition – broken floor boards, splintered wood and general deterioration. For this reason, the teachers became concerned about the safety of the students and themselves within the school.

This project comprised the construction of a new school building to create a safe and secure learning environment for 65 children.


Kone Myint Thar Yor village is home to a primarily rural, farming and relatively isolated community of Lahu, Akha and Kachin ethnic minorities. The people in this community largely did not have the opportunity to attend formal education, but the parents encourage their children to go to school so they will have better chances in life.

Thanks to this encouragement, more and more children, including those from many surrounding villages, have been attending the school at Kone Myint Thar Yor.

However, the condition of the school had deteriorated since its construction in 1984. Because of the poor and unsafe conditions, the community wanted to build a new school. To do this, they needed outside help and funding.

Goals and Results

The goal of this project was to build a new school that is safe and secure for the children and teachers.


  • Tony Mann, in the memory of his late wife Nancy: € 13.840

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