Scholarship fund

Scholarship fund

Project Details

Project:Scholarship fund
Partner:Toonpanya Foundation
Location:Chiang Mai,
Sponsorship Started:2016
Duration:May 2016 - March 2017
Total Budget: €517 ($587)
Total Beneficiaries:2


Founded in 2011, the Toonpanya Foundation was set up to improve the educational possibilities of children who are in need. They do this by providing financial support, hosting volunteer activities and professional trainings and support for job placement.

This project provides a secondary school scholarship for two students who otherwise would not have the means to attend.


The Toonpanya foundation was set up in 2011 to help poor and disadvantaged students start and complete their education. The initial focus was on English programmes, but over time adapted to support general education for all students who were struggling financially.

In 2016, the Toonpanya Foundation provided scholarships for 22 students.

Our support for the Toonpanya Foundation in 2016 provided for the education expenses for two of their scholarship students.

Goals and Results

The Toonpanya Foundation has four primary goals in their scholarship programme:
-Promote academia, morality and ethics
-Promote the study of language and culture
-Cooperate with other charities in aiding the public
-Maintain a non-partisan and non-political approach


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