Supplies for New Blood School

Supplies for New Blood School

Project Details

Project:Supplies for New Blood School
Partner:New Blood School
Location:Mae Sot,
Sponsorship Started:2013
Duration:April 2013
Total Beneficiaries:500


Located on the outskirts of the Thai-Burma border town of Mae Sot, the New Blood School provides educational opportunities for children of migrant workers, from nursery school to grade 11, and a safe home for 200 students. The name, New Blood, is symbolic of a new generation of educated children and youth.

In 2013 we informed one of our donors, Swiss businessman Peter Brodtbeck, of this project and facilitated a visit to the school. Over the course of two visits he purchased important supplies for the students and committed to further supporting the school.


For several decades Burmese have been fleeing the unstable political climate in Burma and migrating to Thailand. Migrant children, who either moved to Thailand during the conflict or are of Burmese origin born here, often have limited access to education. The New Blood School was founded to secure educational opportunities for some of these children and provide a safe and caring environment for those who do not have parents.

The school was founded in 2003 in Nong Bua village by a teacher who had fled from Burma during the country’s military rule. His desire was to address the needs of the migrant and refugee children in the area. The school started with 50 students and has grown to over 500, with approximately 30% living there as boarders.

Goals and Results

Mr. Brodtbeck was moved by the visit and the visible lack of many school provisions led to him purchasing much needed supplies for the students including clothing, kitchen equipment, stationery and other school materials.

A second visit later in 2013 resulted in a commitment to keep on supporting the school. Mr. Brodtbeck continues to visit the project twice a year and provide support where needed.


  • Peter Brodtbeck