A safe haven for hill tribe children

A safe haven for hill tribe children

Project Details

Project:A safe haven for hill tribe children
Partner:Bahn Ruam Jai
Location:Chiang Mai,
Sponsorship Started:2012
Duration:2012 - 2015
Total Budget: €149.930 ($193.163)
Total Beneficiaries:40 - 50


Bahn Ruam Jai (BRJ) is a safe haven for hill-tribe children and is located just outside Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. Some of the children are orphans or come from backgrounds involving drug abuse and /or sexual exploitation.

The shelter offers 40 children a safe environment, nutritious meals and both formal and non-formal education opportunities. It also runs a small organic farm.

In 2011, BRJ lost a long-term sponsor, putting the shelter financially at risk. Philanthropy Connections was able to find a Dutch sponsor to support this project, guaranteeing accommodation, education and care for all 40 children for 2013.

In 2014 the sponsor agreed to continue partial sponsorship of the shelter. We contacted two additional sponsors who agreed to cover the remainder of the costs until 2015.


Bahn Ruam Jai (BRJ) was established in 1984 to improve the quality of life for hill-tribe people in northern Thailand. The shelter places a special focus on orphans and children who have been exposed to drugs and / or sexual abuse. In addition to safe housing, BRJ offers these children lessons on organic farming, ethical and moral education and cultural activities.
Children are also given vocational training and education on drug prevention, human rights, the environment, nutrition and health.

A final educational component includes skills training to improve their future chances of generating their own income, such as lessons on how to grow crops, cook and sew.

Goals and Results

Philanthropy Connections supported the running costs at Bahn Ruam Jai (BRJ) from 2013 to 2015. This support ensured that 40 children were taken care of at the shelter and provided with food and educational opportunities.

While we supported the shelter we encouraged BRJ to become more self-sustainable. In addition to interesting new sponsors for support, they also created income-generating projects, and no longer rely on us for financial support.


  • Anonymous – The Netherlands (2012 – 2014): € 139.820
  • Bazar International de Luxembourg – Luxembourg (2014): € 6.000
  • Mr. Peter Brodtbeck – Switzerland (2014 – 2015): € 4.110

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