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Emergency Relief

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Project: Emergency Food Support for 1.000 Families
Location: Fang, Mae Ai and Chai Prakan Districts ,
Sponsorship Started: 2021
Total Beneficiaries: 1000+  migrant worker families
Project Cycle: July + Aug 2021
Annual Budget: €15.097  ($17.768)
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During Phase 3 of the Covid-19 pandemic, migrant workers in three districts (Fang, Mae Ai, and Chai Prakan) were unable to provide enough food for their families. PCF and our implementing partner the Fortune Community Health Group (FCHG) have identified 1000 families in 32 areas in these districts that need the most help. Full Details

Project: Free Food Campaign
Partner: Monsoon Tea, SWAN, KJSRC, FCHG
Location: Chiang Mai ,
Sponsorship Started: 2020
Total Beneficiaries: 2300+  
Project Cycle: Free Meals: Mar 2020 - Nov 2020 | Emergency Food: Mar 2020 -ongoing
Annual Budget: €27.037  ($29.239)
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Here in Chiang Mai the local population is much more dependent on tourist income and casual labour than most other Thai cities. The recent lockdown due to the pandemic has brought many people to the brink of desperation. It is estimated that 100.000 people are now unemployed with no financial safety net and none likely in the near future. Full Details