Project: Intensive English Career Bridging Program
Partner: Mehm Kan Kyi Education Network
Location: Mawlamyine ,
Sponsorship Started: 2015
Total Beneficiaries: 16
Project Cycle: December 2015 - January 2017
Annual Budget: €18.270  ($19.325)

Intensive English Career Bridging Program is a one-year programme that includes a three-month internship, which was established to address the inequalities experienced by different ethnic groups in the Burmese border states. The programme targets talented young adults with leadership potential and a drive to promote change in their communities.

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Project: Loi Sarm Sip School
Partner: Fortune Community Health Group
Location: Loi Sarm Sip ,
Sponsorship Started: 2018
Total Beneficiaries: 27
Project Cycle: June 2018 - May 2019
Annual Budget: €9.000  ($10.470)

Located near the Thai-Burma border, Loi Sarm Sip school educates children from kindergarten to primary school. This project provides for the basic educational needs, school running costs, teacher salaries, and one meal per day for the 27 students.

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